I, too, Have Suffered in the Garden

Hritz Book Cover

PRAISE from Outsmart Magazine

“[T]wice as deep and detailed [as Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom]… Hritz seems more successful with creating flesh-and-blood characters whose miseries are palpable.”

PRAISE from J.H. Trumble, Lambda Literary Award Finalist

PRAISE from “If you read one book this year, let this be it! I was completely blown away by Jennifer Hritz’s debut, I, too, Have Suffered in the Garden. Why isn’t this book on the bestseller list? Hritz’s talent for bringing characters to life on the page is tremendous. I felt these characters’ pain, their fear, their anger, their love. Do not let the fact that she is female dissuade you from reading this book. Hritz writes with authority and without fear. This story will stay with you long after you read the last page. Beautiful!”

PRAISE from readers

“Jennifer Hritz emerges here as one of the brightest new literary fiction authors. She writes beautifully, and in a way that not only allows you to picture all that is transpiring, but invites you to be part of the action.”

“This book has bestseller written all over it, but it’s definitely not getting the attention it deserves. It will rip your heart out. I read it over a period of three days. When I wasn’t reading, I was thinking about the characters, who feel so real to me. And did I mention that the execution of the novel is flawless?”

“Hritz’s sharp, true novel recalls a time and place that resonates with Eighties kids, painfully painting those helpless years when AIDS was like an unstoppable movie monster.”

“Hritz takes the reader into the lives of men lost in their worlds and unable to get out of their own way.”

“The pacing is perfect, so smooth and graceful that it seems effortless.”

“These characters become your dear friends.”

“I didn’t want this beautiful, voyeuristic experience, to ever end, but I also wanted to devour it all at once.”

“[T]his book is about the challenges, joys, heartaches, anger, sadness, and elation that come with any relationship – gay or straight.”

“I cannot wait to read more… I know she has more written and I wait with great anticipation to learn more about this wonderful world she has created.”

WINNER, Writers’ League of Texas Manuscript Contest

“I LOVED these characters.”

“Her writing is beautiful, her handling of conflicts is superb, and her characters are layered and complex.”

“A testament to human relationships and the power of honesty with yourself and others.”

WINNER, Houston Writers House Contest 

“Emotionally and psychologically compelling.”

“Beautifully written. Poetic with exquisite pacing.”

“Hritz broke every rule in the book and absolutely held me spellbound. She is a remarkable talent.”

The Crossing

final cover - crossing

Praise from Ann Weisgarber, Winner of the Orange Prize

“The Crossing took me by the throat and didn’t let go. The story is exceptionally powerful as the narrator tries to find his place in the world. All of the characters are complicated human beings that make mistakes but sometimes get things right. Beautifully written, there are no easy answers for the narrator and that makes the story authentic. Like Jennifer Hritz’s I, too, Have Suffered in the Garden, this is an unforgettable and courageous novel about the search for love and acceptance. The Crossing is one of the best novels I’ve read in a very long time.”

PRAISE from J. H. Trumble, Lambda Literary Award Finalist

“I fell in love with Joel and Adam in Jennifer Hritz’s first novel, I, too, Have Suffered in the Garden, as the two men fought to hold on to their relationship despite the rising demons from their past. Hritz’s second novel introduces us to Joel as a young, talented college student struggling with his art and his feelings for his best friend while coping with family issues so painful they threaten to destroy him.

Hritz is a remarkable, fresh voice who is destined for greatness. Her writing is exquisite, fluid, infused with such raw emotion and unflinching authenticity that you can’t help but become invested in the lives of her characters.

This is not your typical romance. It is so so much more than that. Hritz pulls no punches about the gritty reality that many young gay men face… Read this book!”

PRAISE from readers

“Just when I couldn’t believe Jennifer Hritz could possibly write a better book than I, too Have Suffered in the Garden, I read The Crossing and realize she’s done just that.”

“After falling in love with I, too, Have Suffered in the Garden, Hritz’s earlier novel, I knew that I would connect with this one.”

“Another beautifully written offering by Jennifer Hritz.”

“Her narrative carries authenticity, a writer who is without doubt headed for acclaim.”

“How often can one read a novel and say that they may take action in their own life because of it?”

FINALIST, Writers’ League of Texas Manuscript Contest 

“Convincing, vivid, and compelling.”

“Smooth and sophisticated.”

FINALIST, Houston Writers House Manuscript Contest

“Intensely emotional.”

“Her writer’s voice is just exquisite. So fine.”

“A master at dramatization.”

“I desperately wanted to keep reading.”

“Mixed Media”

WINNER, Chris O’Malley Fiction Prize

Published, The Madison Review, Spring 2009