Slow Burn (coming soon)
A single, sparkling piece of glass begins a mosaic like no other. For years following an intimate encounter in 1996, Joel Grayson and James Fielding have circled each other, finally settling into a platonic relationship James’s wife grudgingly accepts. As James focuses on the birth of his son, Joel recommits himself to his art, burying the feelings he still carries for his ex-partner, Adam. When James’s wife can’t adjust to motherhood and abandons her family, James asks Joel for help, setting in motion events which leave the men right back where they started. A mosaic takes shape in Joel’s studio, one constructed of jealousy, heartbreak and fear. Once and for all, these men must decide who they are, and whom they love.


The Crossing (2013)
When his mother kills herself in the winter of 1992, University of Texas sophomore Joel Grayson represses the circumstances surrounding her death and his fear that he might be responsible. His best friend, James Fielding, becomes his life line, supporting Joel’s attempts to create a space for himself and his art. But Joel’s past writhes beneath the surface, ready to seep through the cracks at any moment, leaving him unable to work. As memories of his abusive childhood force themselves to the forefront, Joel reaches out to Adam Atwater, a one-night stand laden with possibility. Can Joel find salvation in Adam? Or will he summon the courage to save himself?


I, too, Have Suffered in the Garden (2010)
I, too, Have Suffered in the Garden introduces Adam Atwater and Joel Grayson, an Austin couple in danger. Adam is chased by rabid ghosts: his former partner’s death from AIDS, his father’s cancer, his brutal job, his own lies. Joel watches from his art studio, desperately strategizing salvation. The story unfurls, tripping between destruction and forgiveness, driven by the suspense of desire and memory. With poignancy, grace and infinitely readable prose, I, too, Have Suffered in the Garden illuminates the legacy of psychological trauma, the ways in which the past can malign the present, and the sustainability of even the most fleeting sense of hope.



“Mixed Media”

When his college girlfriend becomes pregnant, James wrestles with her decision to abort, and begins to recognize the depth of his relationship with his roommate, Joel.

“The Killing Jar”

Elizabeth ruminates on her difficulty conceiving a child and her husband’s obsession with impregnating her.

The Killing Jar –  butterfly

“The Find”

A near-tragedy at the swimming pool where she works as a lifeguard leaves Cathleen calling into question her relationship with her best friend, and her boyfriend’s relationship with his roommate.

The Find – whistle