Both booksI spent almost a dozen years writing my first novel, and during that time my narrator held me in his thrall. I thought about Joel when I was driving, running, studying for my PhD. He just wouldn’t let me go, and when his boyfriend, Adam, started waking me up at night I realized I’d have to write his story, too. Two novels, I thought, and then I’d move on.

But halfway through the writing of Adam’s story I knew there was more. I already had a glimpse of what happened next, and this time James–in addition to Joel and Adam–wanted a say.

I’ve just finished my third novel.

Along the way I’ve heard other voices, too, and I’ve had the privilege of writing their stories. I’ve created an entire community, though really, I think it’s been here all along. I’ve just been lucky enough to stumble upon it, and fortunate enough to write down what I hear.

There’s a whole world here, one defined by relationships, one haunted by memory. I invite you to visit, to linger… though like me, you might not want to leave.

If you’d like to hear more about my motivation and process, I invite you to watch this interview. You can also listen to a different interview here.

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